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ABOUT  Van Nguyen-Stone


Jomi Jomi

I was influenced as a young girl by my father’s interest in photography. As a refugee who fled Vietnam, he documented his new life in America. Each photo told a story of joyful discoveries, assimilation, cultural differences, and new beginnings. These images that were tucked away in our family's albums were my roots and a reminder of my personal mission. As a child of refugee parents, I’ve often asked myself, “how will I walk on the path my parents started, and how will I create my own path?”


I got my start photographing local punk and ska bands. Standing on the same stage with these artists, I was able to feel their raw energy and it was inspiring! I eventually moved to filmmaking, receiving my B.A. in Film from U.C. Santa Cruz, and my M.F.A. in Cinema Production from San Francisco State University.


I have been working within diverse schools and nonprofit organizations in the Bay Area for over ten years, using digital media as learning tools for exploration, expression, storytelling, and healing. I know the power media has to create positive social change and I serve as an advocate for community members to voice their visions to a wider audience.


My love for community activism, spiritual studies, and ethnic dance has created a strong interest in documenting stories where moments of people and spirit combine in sacred communication.

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